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Why the Fenny Kitchen is not ‘just another restaurant’ in Milton Keynes

The Fenny Kitchen's Cappuccino

Right from the initial planning stages for The Fenny Kitchen; the main aim of the restaurant was not just to offer delicious dishes from around the Mediterranean with a British twist. It was envisaged that it would ideally become a central ‘hub’ for Fenny Stratford where local residents and business owners could not only eat but also pop in for a sociable coffee and/or cake at any time of the day and find someone to chat with. This was partly the reason for opening from 7am until 11pm each day; as we wanted to make sure we were always there for the local community; whether they fancied a leisurely breakfast, lunch with friends or dinner with family, but also open in-between for those coffee meet-up’s with friends or for small business meetings in the restaurant.

The idea behind our adjoining function room was to have a separate intimate space which could be used for networking/business meetings with larger numbers and for our specialist events; alongside being available to book for smaller wedding receptions or family parties.

There is nothing better than meeting a friend for coffee, putting the world to rights and relaxing whilst watching the world go by outside. That is why as a restaurant we put together such an extensive range of coffees; as we wanted to offer more than the usual coffee chain experience; and offer delicious coffee in an intimate and cosy environment.

Nick Bennett, who is one of The Fenny Kitchen’s talented Thursday Music Nights musicians, also moonlights as a photographer ( #musophoto). Working mainly in London and the South East and with a hectic schedule; he relies heavily on caffeine to keep him going.

As a coffee lover, Nick drinks fresh coffee every day, usually getting his coffee "fix" on the go and one of his recent photo assignments was to The London Coffee Festival. The event brings together more than 250 coffee roasters and brands under one roof for a four-day exploration of coffee, café culture, food, art and technology, all accompanied by live music and DJ sets.

Of the event Nick says “this was about the only time that I (eventually) declined free coffee after sampling an unknown number of cups”.

“I have drunk coffee in cafés and other outlets all over Europe and the Americas and I didn't get to sleep one night after finishing my evening meal with a fresh coffee in rural Guatemala, but that's another story” he says.

Nick lives in Buckinghamshire and has no hesitation in saying that in his opinion, The Fenny Kitchen serves the best coffee in Bucks, being 1 or 2 steps above the coffee chains. He also particularly loves our Cappuccino in the morning.

Here at The Fenny Kitchen, all of our staff are passionate about making your visit an enjoyable and memorable one. We want you to feel at home and part of the restaurant; whether you are enjoying a meal with us or simply popping in for coffee and/or cake.

If you have not yet sampled our range of coffees; we look forward to welcoming you soon and look out for our Facebook Coffee Competition this week for your chance to win free coffee and cake.

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