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Original Inspiration Behind The Fenny Kitchen’s Open Kitchen Design

The Fenny Kitchen's wood fired pizza oven

Coming through the entrance to The Fenny Kitchen, you are immediately hit by the tantalising aromas coming from our open kitchen which hit your senses, making you feel hungry and ready to order. Customers can see meals being freshly prepared; from the chopping of fresh herbs to the making of our stone baked pizzas and marvel at the care and attention to detail that goes into making sure they enjoy their food.

The Fenny Kitchen’s open kitchen design was inspired by the original layout of the grade 2 listed farmhouse building it resides in. The farmhouse built in 1627 still has the remnants of the old dome type bread oven evident next to the new domed wood fired pizza oven; and this was of great importance to us to have the kitchen in the same area as it would have originally been. Locating the kitchen right by the eating area creates a welcoming atmosphere where customers feel like they are part of the cooking experience; just like being in the comfort of their own homes. Our enormous wood fired pizza oven adds to the warming appeal and is used not only for our delicious stone baked pizzas but also for our fresh flatbreads and garlic bread.

The open plan trend is becoming increasingly popular in the food industry with more restaurants following suit and adopting an open plan layout where customers can see the people who cook their food and vice versa. This used to be mainly restricted to fast food franchises and cafes due to space restrictions, with their counters right by the cooking area; but is now widespread across restaurants and brasseries, from big brands down to the independent restaurants.

The trend which is thought to originate from New York, and was largely due to space constraints has also become popular due to the many TV programmes where celebrity chefs cook live; showing viewers how to cook varying types of dishes and solve common cooking problems. This has further fuelled the fascination of customers to want to be able to see what goes on in the kitchen rather than it being all shut away behind closed doors; especially when many chefs and kitchen staff often have interesting and funny stories to share so it’s great to have them interacting with the customers.

It means eating out has become an ‘experience’ and rather than just seeing a meal magically appearing on their table; customers can walk into restaurants, take in the different aromas and see their meals being freshly prepared from pan to plate; thereby becoming more involved in their purchase.

Nothing is better than having all of a restaurant’s staff involved (as it is of course a team effort) and whereas previously customers would be greeted by the manager or waiter and taken to their table, our chefs love to have a chat and you can appreciate the hard work that goes into your meal whilst at the same time checking out the restaurant’s kitchen hygiene. We feel there is nothing worse than seeing old tins or jars of ingredients lying around and dirty work surfaces, and our staff pride themselves on the cleanliness of our kitchen and restaurant areas and making sure it is always looking its best.

Here at The Fenny Kitchen, all of our staff are passionate about making your visit an enjoyable and memorable one and we will do all we can to help with any specific dietary requirements, allergies or other needs you may have.

We feel that open plan cooking with our chefs and staff available for customers to interact with and the wonderful smells of our wood fired pizza oven filtering through; are all part of the overall experience. We want you to feel at home and part of the restaurant and our chefs love nothing more than to see a happy, satisfied (and full) customer leave on their onward journey having enjoyed one, two (or maybe three) of their creations they have worked hard on.

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