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How Do People Around the World Eat Their Pizzas?

Our Open Kitchen design at The Fenny Kitchen may feature an enormous wood-fired pizza oven; but you won’t find the usual pizza or pasta dishes on offer here; as we are not a typical pizza and pasta restaurant. As an Anglo Mediterranean restaurant, we offer a Mediterranean style menu, with dishes drawn from the most amazing range of cuisines, steeped in history, culture and of course the sun; along with our delicious stone-baked pizzas topped with a variety of fresh ingredients.

Although we do still feature the traditional Italian classic Margherita pizza; which is always a firm favourite, we try to mix up our pizza options on a regular basis with pizza’s ranging from our Lambtastic and Naomi pizza through to our Fenny Angus and Lahmacun pizza.

Everyone loves a pizza so we thought we would share with you the different pizza traditions around the world; from cities like New York City and Chicago through to countries like Turkey and the original home of the pizza, Italy, to see how people’s tastes differ and how they offer pizza to their customers.

Naples, Italy: Neopolitan The traditional pizza in Naples is a Neopolitan-style with a thin crust topped with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. If you just add a few basil leaves, it then becomes the classic Margherita pizza that we all love!

Rome, Italy: Pizza Bianca Famous in the pizzerias of Rome, this ‘white pizza’ is a basic version of the Neopolitan style above, but doesn’t feature the two traditional toppings of cheese and tomato sauce. It is basically a thin dough drizzled with olive oil and coarse salt, which is then baked and sliced before serving and is often sold by weight, instead of by slice.

Sicily, Italy: Sfincione (Sicilian Pizza) When you go slightly further afield to Sicily, it changes dramatically from a pizza to becoming more of a pie. The pie is topped simply with cheese, olive oil, and breadcrumbs before being baked. There is also an Americanised version of the dish which is heavier, with layers of sauce and cheese atop a thick crust.

New York, New York Style The first pizzeria in the USA opened on Spring Street in New York’s Little Italy in 1905; and New York is famous for its thin, crispy, hand-tossed crust pizzas topped with a light tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Chicago, IL: Deep Dish Chicago pizza is famous for its deep-dish crust and it is baked in a pan with each pie having a thick crust that can rise up to three inches high along the edges. It is topped with ingredients including meat and cheese with a chunky tomato sauce then put on top.

Turkey: Lahmacun It is unclear whether the Lahmacun originated in Turkey or Armenia, however, the name translates roughly to mean ‘meat and dough’ as it is minced beef or lamb topping a piece of dough; with other ingredients like onions, herbs, and tomatoes added to it. Here at The Fenny Kitchen we offer our own version of the Lahmacun - our home-baked pizza base spread with seasoned Aberdeen Angus minced beef.

Georgia: Khachapuri This traditional Georgian dish looks like a calzone pizza crossed with an egg sandwich. The dough is stuffed with cheese and then topped with an egg and some butter and although there are many varieties of this country’s version of pizza, none of them contain tomato sauce.

Japan: Okonomiyaki Japan’s traditional pizza, the Okonomiyaki is so far removed from the Italian original, you wouldn’t even think that it was a pizza. It typically includes cabbage, pork, noodles, and squid and is layered or mixed and fried in batter. It is then topped with an egg and okonomiyaki sauce, which tastes like a sweeter version of Worcestershire sauce.

France: Tarte Flambee The Tarte Flambee pizza, originates from the Alsace region and is made with a thin crust topped with fromage blanc or creme fraiche, lardons, and onions and then baked in a wood-fire oven. You can choose from several different varieties in France which include a dessert version with apples, cinnamon, and sweet liqueur.

Spain: Coca The Spanish version of pizza can be served either sweet or savoury and is either an open version (a pastry base with toppings) or a closed version (a hand pie like pastry with a filling). It is popular in the Catalonia region of the country and ingredients can include egg, fish, vegetables, fruit, meat, and cheese.

Lebanon: Manakish If you like eating cold pizza the morning after for your breakfast, then this pizza (or flatbread) is for you. It is often served as a morning meal and the dough is topped with za'atar, a spice mixture that contains thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac and sometimes also has cheese or meat on it.

Hungary: Langos The Hungarian Langos is a piece of deep-fried flat bread topped with sour cream, meat, or garlic butter and is therefore, very filling and not that healthy. Langos is also eaten as a street food by Hungarians and those in neighbouring countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

If you fancy trying something different from your usual pizza choices, come and try one of our tasty stone-baked pizza’s or get creative and invent your own from our choice of toppings. Our Pizzas are also available as takeaway :)

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