- Our Story -

a very old picture of bletchley back in the days. you can actually see the fenny kitchen's old buinding in it with it's massive triple chimneys. It a nice historic piece which the fenny kitchen will always hold
The Background To The Creation of The Fenny Kitchen.


59 Aylesbury Street was built around 1627 and was originally a farmhouse. The first known occupant we believe was a gentleman farmer called John Jauncey and given the standard of construction, size and layout of the rooms, he must have been quite well to do. It consisted of three large rooms on the ground floor and each had an enormous fireplace, at least one of which had a bread oven of a dome type similar to the design of a wood-fired pizza oven and the remains of this can still be seen adjacent to our new wood-fired pizza oven. This of course is the clue to the beginning of the idea behind The Fenny Kitchen. If the days of John Jauncey, it would have been quite normal for the local population to take their bread dough to the local manor house to have it cooked (there would have been a fee for this of course). You can imagine that the house which was known as Holme Farm at the time, would have been a local gossip shop and hub of the community. It is our intention at The Fenny Kitchen to recreate some of this bonhomie.

What is sometimes forgotten about the cuisine of the time is that England was regarded as being at the forefront of good food and also adventurous in the use of ingredients and techniques that were now being imported from Europe and further afield because of the UK's position as a major trading nation. May this tradition live on in our endeavours.